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We support and inspire others in our community through our artistic expressions.

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We Inspire. We Create. We Collaborate.


HEARTS was based on our inspiration and our wanting to inspire others. We were inspired to help others when we noticed real world problems around us and wanted to help others through what we know; one such example includes our use of our background in arts. This is the foundation of our nonprofit organization. We feed our own ambition into our passion to inspire others—through our dance. By partnering with local charities, we have choreographed and presented our dance skills on stage.


Creativity is crucial to HEARTS' mission. We reach out to people in our community and motivate individuals to express themselves and help other people. Arts and creativity are crucial part of every person’s life. Humans have always used art to communicate and express themselves, sometimes making tremendous discoveries about their inner self and humanity while doing so. We want people to experience the happiness and sense of peace that comes from art, and the sense of serenity it leaves you with.


Our core principles state that in order for everyone to be happy and express themselves through arts we all need to be unified and work together. We all must accept each other cherish the different contributions that each unique person gives to our community. Art is something that everyone should have access to and that everyone should be able to do. In order for this to happen, we all have to work together, and make everyone feel like who they are is enough, and that their art is valued and will make a difference.


About Us

HEARTS was founded to connect and support individuals in society to raise awareness for real world problems. Seven young individuals came together with a drive to support others and use their skills to reach out into their communities. We have supported various charities and drawn attention to issues in our society and we plan to create a legacy and set example for all who follow. We are determined to support what we believe in forever, and help those who need help.

Our logo represents the symbol of happiness: the most important aspect of our non-profit organization. This is the symbol of a bluebird, as the harbinger of happiness is found in many cultures and may date back thousands of years. It represents our perseverance and inspiration as part of this non-profit. Our use of the colors lavender and coral represent creativity, uniqueness, and harmony.

Our Team

Meet our awesome team.


Deepali Jain, a dedicated and hardworking student, is currently attending the University of California, Berkeley, with a major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. To pursue her interests in STEM, she led the Women in Computer Science Club as president helping to promote STEM awareness among her peers. She also was Software Lead in the Robotics club. Deepali has spent the past 8 years learning indian dancing, and competing in many dance events. Her passion in dance led her to becoming choreographer of the South Asian Culture Show Club and a founding member of HEARTS. In her free time, she enjoys writing in calligraphy and spending time with her family and friends.


Divya Jain has interests in many activities such as dance, robotics, and psychology. As a current student in high school, she has ventured out to try new things like participating in clubs around her campus. Through her current high school experience and as a co-founder of HEARTS, she has developed stronger communication and networking skills. She is an active Bollywood dancer and participant. She currently is a member of "Be WISE", a program which aims to engage women in STEM fields with experiences and collaboration with their region’s research, industry, and academic institutions. In the future, she hopes to attend a 4-year university and earn a degree in a field she enjoys.


Rhea Chhabra has been learning classical Indian dance, known as Kathak, for three years and Bollywood dance for the past eight years. Rhea has also won dance competitions such as Showstopper as a soloist. Recently, she is expanding her interests in dance with hip hop. She is passionate about music, as she plays piano and alto saxophone. Her favorite kind of music is the rap genre. Her hope is to become a criminal lawyer one day as she enjoys debate and solving mysteries. She enjoys helping the community so she has been a member of HPR, more specifically, the House of India, for the past three years where she spreads her culture and helps society with community service. She enjoys watching horror movies and hanging out with her friends. Her role model is her older brother.


Sofie Muneer is an active and fun loving student who believes that every human being has a purpose on this pale blue dot of a planet in Carl Sagan's universe. She is curious, caring and comfortable in her belief that people are caring in general and good begets good. She believes that science, math and performing arts make for better human beings and well rounded citizens. She has been an enthusiastic participant in various performing arts programs in theatre and dance from age four while managing to make the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth honor roll as an elementary student. She has also been highly placed in Sigma and math-league contests. She likes to play piano and cello. She loves to engage people in dialogue and action. She trusts humankind to do the right thing. Sofie aspires to be the catalyst for positive change through her love for science math and performing arts.


Harshada Sapre has interests in dance, tennis, and art. She has been dancing for 11 years and she has tried various forms of dance such as Bollywood, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, tap, hip-hop, ballet, and contemporary. However, she has continued with Bollywood for the past three years. Her other skills include speech and debate, writing, and being trilingual. Her favorite subject is biology. She enjoys volunteering on the weekends and has a large interest in music. Aspiring to major in psychology in college, she wants to learn the human brain’s functionality to be able to help others. Her philosophy is that each and every person has a unique story to tell.


Kashika Gupta is currently attending high school. Dancing has always been her passion because it is a way for her to unfold and express herself. She has been dancing since she was three years old and is also on the dance team at school. She loves music and has been in choir for three years. Her favorite sport is badminton and is on the school team. Kashika has maintained a high GPA and has earned an award for it as well. Her favorite subject is science as she aspires to be a doctor. She also enjoys helping her community in various ways. She is also an active member of the SEWA International, an organization that works to help people in need and educate the next generation. Kashika also helps out and participates in an annual show raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She believes that through helping others you can find your own happiness.


Aside from being a full-time student at Westview High School, Arav Watwani is a determined photographer, developer, musician, and graphic designer. Despite being self-taught in all of those interests, Watwani perpetually works on new projects and ideas to develop and build on his prior skills, such as using artificial intelligence to complete different tasks, or working with real-world clients to create logo or t-shirt designs for businesses. Outside of those interests, however, Watwani is extremely involved in a variety of different activities at Westview. He serves as an executive board member in different clubs, including Westview’s Software Development Association, as well as Westview Quizbowl, and is a member of the Westview Gold band. Watwani hopes to advance his interest in coding with a degree in computer science at a 4-year university.


San Diego, California